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Aqua Seal Products

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Coatings & Grout Care


  • Maximum Stain Resistance & Durable High-Sheen Finish

  • Non Flammable, Low VOC, Safe & Easy to Use

  • Scuff, UV & Abrasive Resistant

  • Clear, Water based blend of generation acrylic polymers

  • For interior and exterior applications

Recommended for usealed & testured surfaces:

Use on unsealed, textured, flamed, honed or tumbled natural stone e.g. marble, granite, bluestone, basalt, limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone etc. Also on textured porcelain or ceramic tiles (rough to touch), grout, terracotta, Saltillo, quarry tiles, terrazzo, concrete, pavers and masonry surfaces where a high sheen look and maximum stain resistance is desired.

Available in:

  • 4 Litre


  • Add to coating type sealers e.g. Satin’N’Seal™, Gloss’N’Seal™

  • Increase slip resistance to sealed surfaces

  • Micronized polymer - No sharp abrasive finish

  • Lasts as long as the coating sealer used

Recommended wherever a coating type sealer can be applied e.g. porous, textured, non polished surfaces.

Natural Stone • Porcelain Tile • Ceramic Tile • Grout • Terrazzo • Quarry Tile • Terracotta • Saltillo • Agglomerate Stone • Concrete • Masonry • Pavers etc where additional slip resistance is required.

Available in:

  • 450g


  • Recolour, rejuvenate and seal existing grout joints

  • Premium stain resistance, last up to 20 years

  • One part, waterborne epoxy

  • For Domestic and Commercial applications

  • Equally effective for interior and exterior

Recommended For:

Sanded • Unsanded and Epoxy Grout Joints.

Available in:

  • 250mL

  • 24 Colours


  • Premium stain resistance

  • Water based and last up to 5 years

  • Dual protection - penetrates and coats

  • Effective both interior and exterior applications

  • Resists water, oil and acid based contaminants

  • Does not change the colour of the grout

Recommended For:

Cementitious Sanded and Unsanded Grout Joints.

Available in:

  • 250mL

  • 500mL

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