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Porcelain Slabs - 6mm

Tilebox is proud to be working with the first company in Italy to have brought porcelain Slabs to the world market. Cutting edge technology has allowed the manufacturing of such slabs in a variety of colours and finishes such as natural stones, timber veneers and a range of metal finishes. Applications include indoor and outdoor flooring, bathroom walls and floors, wall cladding, furniture construction, bench tops and joinery doors. The possibilities are endless. 

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Porcelain slabs available in 3000 x 1500 x 6 (mm).

Arabescato Statuario

Bianco Calacatta (Indent)

Bianco Carrara (Indent)

Bianco Covelano

Calacatta Delicato (Indent)

Calacatta Lincoln

Crema Marfil (Indent)

Grey Marble

Porte D'Or

Statuario Ultra

Zebrino Black


Eramosa Brown (Indent)

Gris De Savoie

Pulpis Brown (Indent)

Travertino Santa Caterina


Ivory (Indent)

Estremoz (Indent)

Nero Marquina (Indent)

Statuario Altissimo (Indent)

Travertino Navona (Indent)


Bronze (Indent)

calcatta lincoln
marmi gris de savoie
marmi bianco carrara
marmi nero marquina
marmi bianco calacatta
ivory ultra cementi
Iron Soft
Statuario Ultra Soft
Paonazzetto Soft
Silver Soft
Calacutta Soft
Bianco Covelano Soft
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