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Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles began life in the 4th century as a method of recycling offcuts of coloured glass, stone and ceramic materials creating timeless expressions of art similar to those found in the Basilica. The mosaic tiles on offer at tilebox help to make an expression about you. Tilebox's selection of mosaic tiles are different materials, sizes and manufacturing techniques including stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, resin, natural timber and mirror. We encourage you to mix and match different styles and colours in order to create something classy and original. Mosaic tiles are best suited to kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors and walls as well as swimming pools. We guarantee you will find something original here at tilebox. 

Click on the text below to view our range of mosaic tiles 

Small mosaic floor tiles blac and
Grey stone look with small square mosaic tiles in a shower recess.
Golden brown diamond mosaic
Shell finish on small square tiles
Carrara stone mosaics
Mosaic blue glass pool tiles
Timber look, floor tiles
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